So, you have found a Bat in your house?

To many people, the thought of finding a bat, flying around or injured, in their house is the stuff of nightmares!

There is actually no reason to feel this way.  Bats are one of the least understood mammals found in this country.  Following simple instructions as well as taking simple precautions it is quite easy to contain an injured or grounded bat and then pass it onto a local Bat Carer, Vet  or if applicable release it back into the wild.

Posts in this category talk you through a number of simple scenarios.  Before choosing the post that matches your situation please make sure that you read  the post Simple Precautions and Getting Ready before you do anything else.

This is Barnacle Bat

Barnacle, a Daubenton’s bat, came to us after being found at the bottom of a garden water barrel.  He was covered in gunge and we found out that he had become caught on a flypaper that had been put up in the house owner’s attic.

After a lot of cleaning and bathing we managed to get him to take some food. After about two weeks with us we were able to release him back into the wild.